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I have heard that it was said (by Andrew Wilson among others), that you shouldn’t utilize your peaceful time to examine sacred text for work. In any case, I disclose to you that I have discovered the occasions I’ve needed to grapple with sacred text (for composing Bible perusing notes, for example) to be definitely more productive than my ordinary calm occasions. So I’m not going to look a blessing horse in the mouth.

Obviously, I comprehend the standard of keeping your calm occasions for love, not work, and it bodes well if ‘the Bible’ is your full time occupation that you have to set aside a few minutes to feed your very own spirit just as elucidate the content for other people, however for me, discovering something worth saying about the sacred writing sections I’m perusing implies I am compelled to give more consideration to them than I generally would. I know such a significant number of them so well that it’s simple just to give them a chance to float past my eyeballs without interfacing with my mind, yet there’s knowing and knowing, right? It’s actual what they state, that you never truly comprehend something until you can disclose it to another person.

One thing hit me not long ago that just holds cycling back round my cerebrum over and over, so I’m recording it again on the off chance that it’s helpful for another person.

It was only a little stanza in John 14, that I expounded on for Daily Bread:

At that point Judas (not Judas Iscariot) stated, “In any case, Lord, for what reason do you expect to show yourself to us and not to the world?” (John 14:22)

Jesus had quite recently been informing the pupils that he was concerning to send the Holy Spirit, yet in Judas’ brain, Jesus was the key thing – on the off chance that no one but individuals could see him, at that point they would accept, unquestionably.

However, this is what hit me – Jesus had appeared at the world. He appeared to a large number of individuals before the execution, bringing force and knowledge like they had never observed, and had appeared to more than 500 individuals after the restoration (1 Cor 15:6). However when of the day of Pentecost the adherents numbered just 120 (Acts 1:15).

Seeing Jesus, in the substance, substantially restored… you’d imagine that would be an assurance of conviction, wouldn’t you? In any case, no. Just 120 stayed with it, kept on adoring together, and sat tight for this Holy Spirit had been guaranteed to them.

And after that he came, and ‘around three thousand were added to their number’ all at once (Acts 2:41), at that point ‘the Lord [continued to add] to their number day by day the individuals who were being spared’ (v47).

It appears an odd thing to post toward the start of Advent – when we celebrate, maybe like never before, Jesus’ substantial nearness on earth. I don’t know why the planning has worked along these lines. It’s obviously right that we point to the infant in the trough, the satisfaction of hundreds of years of guarantee, and go-to people forward to the salvation that this youngster would bring, yet perhaps we’re in threat of limiting the power and importance of what came straightaway.

It’s so natural to think ‘If just Jesus would show up again on earth, on the off chance that he were here and could address my companions, at that point they’d accept,’ however the proof of the Bible negates that. An abnormal man professing to be God draws in far less adherents than a lot of imperfect individuals engaged by the Holy Spirit. More individuals came to Christ through one message lectured by a bombed angler than through observing the risen Christ face to face. Thomas wouldn’t accept except if he saw. Different teaches just accepted once they had seen, however some way or another for the remainder of us, not seeing is in reality increasingly viable.

God is made noticeable through us more compellingly than he was through Jesus.

That knocks my socks off.

The Holy Spirit living in you – in me – is more dominant than a virgin birth, another star, a large group of heavenly attendants, and an unfilled tomb. Mind boggling.

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