Brand management ability

Since the acquisition of FILA China in 2009, Anta has a single show in the mainland sports brand, and the strategy of acquiring multiple brands has also made Anta’s market value break through HK $100 billion, in the world only NIKE, Adidas, and link with the PUMA. Ding Shizhong, chairman of Anta’s board of directors, also pointed out that we should continue to pay close attention to the appropriate acquisition targets in the world.

On the issue of acquisition, although Ding Shizhong did not clearly express the next acquisition target, he also confessed that he continued to focus on the target in the global market, and said that it would still be dominated by sports brands.

The multi brand strategy is one of the factors that make Anta firm the leading place of the mainland sporting goods industry. After Anta’s acquisition of FILA China in 2009, because FILA is in the high-end fashion in the mainland, it is distincently different from Anta’s own brand.

With the successful experience of FILA, Anta has recently acquired different sports brands such as DESCENTE and Kolon Sport. Coupled with Anta’s own brand management capabilities better than others, these brands soon become an important driving force for Anta’s revenue growth.

Necessary sports shoes for urban men

This is the new male sports shoe ‘Punching Detail Sneakers’ that was introduced in the spring of TIMEhomme2018.

The simple and fashionable ‘Punching Detail Sneakers’ is a sneaker in the shoe lace and heel part that has been carved out and color matching design changes, giving consumers the feeling of leisure and comfort.

Although the design of ‘Punching Detail Sneakers’ belongs to the leisure class, it is also very suitable to match with the business wind. It is an excellent product for urban men.

Interested friends can buy the ‘Punching Detail Sneakers’, which is both practical and practical for men in the TIMEhomme store in South Korea and on the thehandsome website.

Reebok launches 3D printed sneakers

The liquid lace function of Reebok is directly printed to the shoes by replacing the traditional shoelace by stretching the shoelace. It is reported that the flexible 3D shoelace design is designed to integrate pressure points at some parts of the shoe so that the wearer can easily remove the shoes without sacrificing the stability and support of the shoes.

The second new function, liquid grip, was found at the bottom of the Liquid Floatride Run, and was basically arranged along the bottom of the sole of the sole with a 3D print line designed to provide better grip and traction. These 3D printed liquid grip also help Reebok reduce the weight of sports shoes.

In addition, the upper structure of shoes also uses Reebok’s Flexweave technology. It is said that the superstructure made by the technology of the eight character braiding technology has better air permeability, durability and bracing than other superstructures. At present, Reebok’s new Liquid Floatride Run sneakers can be ordered by its online store at a price of $180.

Fashion sports shoes make you feel like you are flying

We have to go out and exercise every day in our daily life, so a comfortable sports shoe is essential. However, the brand on the market is full of brands. How should we choose it? First of all, there will be a variety of running, jumping, expansion movement, the body and the foot will have a lot of sweat out, if the shoes are sultry, not only feel discomfort, more serious may cause foot disease.

Therefore, the comfort and air permeability must be ranked first, fully considering the shoes suitable for sports and exercise in the breathable perspiration performance, so that the foot movement is not pressure.

In addition, for the purpose of sport or fitness, the function of sports shoes should be considered. The exercise is different from the daily walk, the excess exercise will cause a certain impact on the wrist and joints, and the sports shoes with slow shock performance can be more safe and safe in movement. Similarly, sole wear resistance and grip are also factors that need to be considered.

A proper sports shoes can not only bring you more comfortable and free exercise experience, but also avoid bodily injury in high intensity activities. That’s why it’s best not to wear ordinary shoes during sports. Then let me recommend some reliable sports running shoes for you.

Internationalization of sports shoes enterprises

Sports shoes and clothing industry is the earliest developed traditional manufacturing industry in Jinjiang. However, in recent years, with the advent and continuous evolution of the new normal economy, a market transformation with the structural reform of supply side as the main content has hit. Against this background, the labor-intensive and resource intensive sports footwear industry is being tested.

Under the pressure, Jinjiang’s leading sports shoes enterprise stood out, determined to change the traditional profit model and development path, from extensive to intensive, from labor intensive to technology intensive, capital intensive transformation.

Last year, R & D expenditure accounted for 3.4% of the group’s turnover. In May last year, the 331 R & D center was completed in Jinjiang. Earlier, the group also set up a R & D team for overseas product line design in Taiwan area, developing high performance fabric such as 3M reflective printing fabric, seven color light emitting material and so on. At the same time, we also develop self-developed technologies to meet the specific functions of various footwear products and improve their functionality. By the end of last year, the group had obtained 273 patents.

Leather tennis casual sneakers

In order to welcome the spring and summer of 2018, TIMEhomme has launched a new design of leather mesh leisure sports shoes. The products of TIMEhomme mainly include simple and simple formal clothing and high-end men’s shoes products, which embodies the perceptual style of urban males.

TIMEhomme “leather net eye recreational sports net eye, also added the printing design and the leather material processing, the whole product also carried on the heighten treatment, let the male figure appear more lengthy.

This product is also very suitable for matching jeans and casual pants. It is very versatile without any distress.

TIMEhomme’s “leather tennis casual sneakers” combines the branding and practical features of the brand. If you like, buy it at the TIMEhomme store in South Korea.

How to choose a pair of sneakers correctly

Running is a simple exercise. All the equipment is just a pair of shoes, a pair of shorts and a T – shirt. Though, there are many difficulties to overcome before you start running. The first is to buy a pair of running shoes.

As for shopping, we are more and more giving up physical stores and spending time and money. The rise of online shopping gives consumers a simpler and cheaper option. Online shopping has also shifted from the era of naughty to the high quality era, and the quality was abandoned, and the quality was valued. However, if you did not pay attention to it, it was still easy to fall into the pits under the fake and shoddy cloth.

In the world of cost-effective search for good goods, there is such an electricity supplier, which has been in the forefront of variables and has become the banner of the new e-commerce quality.

Sports shoes for the elders

Power step old anti slip sneakers, super soft and super skid! Go through it all! According to the staff of the aged shoes, in order to give back the support and the improvement and perfection of the experience and technology, a new antiskid sneaker is introduced. The shoes have all the features of the old shoes ultra light, super soft, super anti skid and super warm.

After the elderly, the foot is very easy to deform, the domestic market is very difficult to find the old shoes, basically according to the young standard foot type design, and for the foot deformation, and even more afraid of falling afraid of the elderly, not only inappropriate, but also bring hidden dangers.

The power step is the first domestic manufacturer to apply the sole of the aircraft tire rubber. It is also the first manufacturer to apply the fine net shoe technology of the Antarctic expedition to the civil shoes. The antiskid property of old shoes is far more than that of ordinary shoes, even if they are placed on the 60 degree smooth mirror.

3D print sports shoes

As one of the first sports brands to use 3D printing technology in the world, China PEAK has introduced the most advanced 3D printing equipment since 2014, and introduced the 3D printing concept product. In May 2017, PEAK launched China’s first 3D print running shoe “FUTURE I” in the field of running and launched a limited sale in June. In June, “FUTURE 2” was launched; and in August, the world’s first 3D print basketball shoe “Howard’s 3D version” was released with the NBA giant Dwight Howard.

It is understood that this high-tech sports shoes, shoe sole (porous complex structure) is made of TPU powder material through SLS laser sintering technology 3D printing. It is inspired by the bird skeleton, and the parameterized support structure of the bird skeleton really combines the 3D printing technique with the natural bionic form to achieve a breakthrough in the performance of 3D printing sole: light, breathable, soft elastic, and perfect fit for running.

It is a digital manufacturing ecological protocol based on block chain technology. It connects digital manufacturing equipment such as 3D printers around the world to build a digital distributed manufacturing ecological chain. Each production equipment becomes a node of the global manufacturing network. It has the functions of not tampering, cheating, intelligent contracts, data encryption, copyright protection and so on. The manufacturing process of 3D printers is a process of 3DP mining.