3D print sports shoes

As one of the first sports brands to use 3D printing technology in the world, China PEAK has introduced the most advanced 3D printing equipment since 2014, and introduced the 3D printing concept product. In May 2017, PEAK launched China’s first 3D print running shoe “FUTURE I” in the field of running and launched a limited sale in June. In June, “FUTURE 2” was launched; and in August, the world’s first 3D print basketball shoe “Howard’s 3D version” was released with the NBA giant Dwight Howard.

It is understood that this high-tech sports shoes, shoe sole (porous complex structure) is made of TPU powder material through SLS laser sintering technology 3D printing. It is inspired by the bird skeleton, and the parameterized support structure of the bird skeleton really combines the 3D printing technique with the natural bionic form to achieve a breakthrough in the performance of 3D printing sole: light, breathable, soft elastic, and perfect fit for running.

It is a digital manufacturing ecological protocol based on block chain technology. It connects digital manufacturing equipment such as 3D printers around the world to build a digital distributed manufacturing ecological chain. Each production equipment becomes a node of the global manufacturing network. It has the functions of not tampering, cheating, intelligent contracts, data encryption, copyright protection and so on. The manufacturing process of 3D printers is a process of 3DP mining.