Sports shoes for the elders

Power step old anti slip sneakers, super soft and super skid! Go through it all! According to the staff of the aged shoes, in order to give back the support and the improvement and perfection of the experience and technology, a new antiskid sneaker is introduced. The shoes have all the features of the old shoes ultra light, super soft, super anti skid and super warm.

After the elderly, the foot is very easy to deform, the domestic market is very difficult to find the old shoes, basically according to the young standard foot type design, and for the foot deformation, and even more afraid of falling afraid of the elderly, not only inappropriate, but also bring hidden dangers.

The power step is the first domestic manufacturer to apply the sole of the aircraft tire rubber. It is also the first manufacturer to apply the fine net shoe technology of the Antarctic expedition to the civil shoes. The antiskid property of old shoes is far more than that of ordinary shoes, even if they are placed on the 60 degree smooth mirror.