Internationalization of sports shoes enterprises

Sports shoes and clothing industry is the earliest developed traditional manufacturing industry in Jinjiang. However, in recent years, with the advent and continuous evolution of the new normal economy, a market transformation with the structural reform of supply side as the main content has hit. Against this background, the labor-intensive and resource intensive sports footwear industry is being tested.

Under the pressure, Jinjiang’s leading sports shoes enterprise stood out, determined to change the traditional profit model and development path, from extensive to intensive, from labor intensive to technology intensive, capital intensive transformation.

Last year, R & D expenditure accounted for 3.4% of the group’s turnover. In May last year, the 331 R & D center was completed in Jinjiang. Earlier, the group also set up a R & D team for overseas product line design in Taiwan area, developing high performance fabric such as 3M reflective printing fabric, seven color light emitting material and so on. At the same time, we also develop self-developed technologies to meet the specific functions of various footwear products and improve their functionality. By the end of last year, the group had obtained 273 patents.