Reebok launches 3D printed sneakers

The liquid lace function of Reebok is directly printed to the shoes by replacing the traditional shoelace by stretching the shoelace. It is reported that the flexible 3D shoelace design is designed to integrate pressure points at some parts of the shoe so that the wearer can easily remove the shoes without sacrificing the stability and support of the shoes.

The second new function, liquid grip, was found at the bottom of the Liquid Floatride Run, and was basically arranged along the bottom of the sole of the sole with a 3D print line designed to provide better grip and traction. These 3D printed liquid grip also help Reebok reduce the weight of sports shoes.

In addition, the upper structure of shoes also uses Reebok’s Flexweave technology. It is said that the superstructure made by the technology of the eight character braiding technology has better air permeability, durability and bracing than other superstructures. At present, Reebok’s new Liquid Floatride Run sneakers can be ordered by its online store at a price of $180.