Brand management ability

Since the acquisition of FILA China in 2009, Anta has a single show in the mainland sports brand, and the strategy of acquiring multiple brands has also made Anta’s market value break through HK $100 billion, in the world only NIKE, Adidas, and link with the PUMA. Ding Shizhong, chairman of Anta’s board of directors, also pointed out that we should continue to pay close attention to the appropriate acquisition targets in the world.

On the issue of acquisition, although Ding Shizhong did not clearly express the next acquisition target, he also confessed that he continued to focus on the target in the global market, and said that it would still be dominated by sports brands.

The multi brand strategy is one of the factors that make Anta firm the leading place of the mainland sporting goods industry. After Anta’s acquisition of FILA China in 2009, because FILA is in the high-end fashion in the mainland, it is distincently different from Anta’s own brand.

With the successful experience of FILA, Anta has recently acquired different sports brands such as DESCENTE and Kolon Sport. Coupled with Anta’s own brand management capabilities better than others, these brands soon become an important driving force for Anta’s revenue growth.